July 3, 2022

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Fight back!

amaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) President Winston Smith is encouraging educators to stand up and fight back against attacks from any student.

Smith said teachers should not roll over and play dead and let students think they are pushovers.

“It doesn’t faze me if people want to castigate me for it, but I do not want my teachers to just sit down and allow themselves to become a victim,” a fiery Smith declared. “So, because you’re trying to be professional you end up [being] professionally dead?”

Smith was said on Tuesday against the background of a fight between a teacher and a suspended 16-year-old student at Tivoli Gardens High School in Kingston on Monday. The altercation left the teacher with bruises and swellings to her face, upper body, and breast.

The student has since been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm. A video of the altercation has gone viral on social media.

Tivoli Gardens High Principal Marvin Johnson reportedly took ill and had to be hospitalised upon hearing of the confrontation.

Smith said he was peeved at comments on social media by people bad-mouthing the teacher in the video and belittling her.