July 3, 2022

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Changes coming to law review secretariat

MINISTER of legal and constitutional affairs Marlene Malahoo Forte has indicated that changes will be made to revamp the system that is in place to provide public access to revised laws, virtually and elsewhere.

She pointed out on Tuesday, in her presentation in the 2022/23 Sectoral Debate, that the current set-up does not involve the law commissioners in the daily running of the secretariat which carries out the work.

“The entire system must be redesigned and appropriately resourced to make it fit for purpose,” she stated.

Furthermore, she noted that the staff complement of the secretariat is not adequate to keep pace with the volume and scope of work.

“The reclassification of posts to reflect the knowledge, competence level and required skill set to properly revise the laws is still pending, even though a comprehensive strategic review was done,” she advised the House of Representatives.

The law reform secretariat is mandated to increase access to the laws through the annual publication of the revised pages of the laws of Jamaica volumes, and the facilitation of the publication of the laws online.

Malahoo Forte explained that the ongoing task of consolidating the Laws of Jamaica is usually done annually, with a review of all new legislation that are in force up to December 31 of each year. Under the Law Revision Act the functions of law revision are to be carried out by law commissioners.